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Home Inspection and Repair Services in Greensboro NC

Southern Comfort Mechanical residential Home services redefine the meaning of Repairs! We use cutting edge solutions that give your home the best in inspection and structural repairs and upgrades. The highly trained and experienced technicians of Southern Comfort Mechanical Home Services handles all your crawl space, insulation, plumbing, electrical, and lighting needs. 

Crawl Space Clean -up

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Under the house is not something we think about when it comes to our everyday home needs. A Southern Comfort Mechanical Home Services, we will clean your crawl space for you and leave it looking as if we had never been there. We will do a brief assessment of the project and do the best job of keeping everything looking great. We can do removal as well as installation of materials and insulation.  We will do everything to take care of our customers!  What's in your crawl space?
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If your home is too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, it may be due to improper or old insulation.  If your temps vary from room to room or your energy bills are too high your home may be under insulated and you should give Southern Comfort Mechanical Home Services a call today to come out give your home a thorough inspection of its insulation needs.  New insulation will help to save on your energy bills any time of year, not to mention keeping outside noise down as well.

You spend more time in your home than anywhere else, so spend that time in comfort.
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Plumbing Inspections & Repair

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Are you dealing with high water bills or issues with leaks?  There could be things happening that you are not even sure of. If your home is dealing with leaks or saggy lines under the house, Southern Comfort Mechanical Home Services will inspect under your home to make sure everything is running properly.  We will check for hot and cold indicators and fix or replace and lines so that your plumbing issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. We will put a pressure gauge on your system to see what kind of pressure we are getting through the home. Washing machine hoses, toilet tanks, water heater and its hoses are sometimes causes for these leaks you are experiencing and a quick inspection could save you time, money, and hassle.
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Electrical Inspections & Repair

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The electrical system in a house is mostly unseen, so it is hard to know for sure if everything is working fine and wired correctly.  Often times the system can be abused by overloading the circuits with demand that system cannot handle safely.  Wires can heat up and trip the breakers.  These type of practices can be dangerous to the home and anyone in it. Southern Comfort Mecanical Home Services will inspect your junctions, check for loose wires or frays and upgrade your system to a more efficient and safe electrical grid throughout your home. 

If you are unsure, send us a request for inspection and one of our highly trained technicians will come out you
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HVAC Inspections & Repair

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Are you struggling to keep the temperature comfortable and even throughout your home?  How long has it been since you have had your HVAC system serviced?

We come out as soon as you need us and will work to have  your system work to its maximum effeciency.  At Southern Comfort Mechanical Home Services, we inspect not only the unit but the duct systems to make sure they are correctly installed and running to the appriate rooms. We will check on the controls to make sure they are connected properly and running the most effecient.

An annual inspection can save you time and money by finding potential problems before they become real concerns. Not to mention that an inspection helps keep your furnace and A/C more efficient, which can save you money. And many warranties require an annual inspection.
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